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We believe in a community based on the co-operation of young professionals and the exchange of good ideas between enterprises responsible for the future. We provide international expertise to create bridges between new ideas and professional experience across all regions of the world. 

InVeris Foundation has been created in 2012 with the aim of providing possibility to young professionals to develop expertise by gaining international experience. Traditional education inevitably has its borders. World of today is even more complex, it could not be fully understood in the framework of formal education. We believe that young people could meet the challenges of today only if they learn on the spot, gain experience straight from the experts. Knowledge obtained through secondary and higher education studies could only be utilized properly if it is tested and developed by informal activities. InVeris Foundation is organizing programmes that provide opportunities to young professionals to gain experience in the international arena, enhances the ability of small and medium sized companies and public stakeholders of building up international co-operations through innovation transfer activities, research projects.


Written on 21/10/2015, 06:22 by admin
In September, 2015 InVeris Foundation implemented a vocational training project in Burgundy, France, providing a 3 weeks vocational training opportunity to 6 hungarian students from Villány wine region....