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Grapes Beyond Borders

Learning world class winemaking

The Inveris Foundation led consortium is implementing a vocational training project with the title of "Grapes across Europe - Learning world class winemaking". Aim of the project is to provide opportunity for secondary vocational school students to get acquinted with french and italian wine culture, special wine making methods. The Consortium is formed also by vocational schools specialized on wine making in Villány and Balatonfüred, Hungary.

The vocational training programme is planned to be implemented in two traditional wine regions: Basilicata in Italy and Burgundy in France. Partner organizations from both regions are also involved in the implementation, they are going to be responsible for mentoring participants and local organization.

In Burgundy, 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in a 3 weeks vocational training course both in 2015 and 2016. In each year the groups will be accompanied by 2 teachers as well. In Italy, 3 students will participate in 2 months training courses both in 2015 and 2016.

Participants will be guided by mentors of the foreign partner organizations, while professional work is going to be supervised by tutors appointed by companies providing training opportunities. Tutors will ensure fulfillment of workplans, organize daily work of the participants and control quality of professional activities. These activities include the whole process of wine making starting from preparation from the harvest to the art of sales. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to experience a bit on how to run a professional business.

The project will be managed by Inveris Foundation, who will pay special attention on selection of participants, arrange travels, supervise implementation of professional tasks, collect and disseminate experiences, coordinate project close and issue Europass certicifates.

Overall aim of the project is to provide opportunities for young wine makers to experience winemaking at a professional world class market organisation. Additionally, the participants will gain several business management knowledge that could trigger the establishment of their own company in the near future. Participating organizations aim to establish a long term strategic partnership that could result in other common projects in the future.

Completion - Grapes Beyond Borders

The scope of „Grapes Beyond Borders” project was to give the possibility to young Hungarian winemakers to get familiar with the French wine culture and the methods, special procedures used by French wineries. The scene of the project was the Region of Burgundy, a historic wine region in France. The combination of the special soil and the microclimate ensures the perfect conditions for the growing of the most famous grapes of this land: these are the noble white grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

10 wineries have been appointed to participate in the project as host partners. The wineries suggested to make the project 16 weeks long, because this is the period when the participants may develop the most. The wineries hosted 10 Hungarian youth and give the chance to the participants to look into the daily routine of the work processes. A detailed work schedule has been prepared for the trainees and personal tutors were responsible for professional development of participants.

The project has been implemented from 30th of August till 20th of December, 2013. The participants had the opportunity to participate in the harvest, contribute to the wine making process and have an overview on local management, marketing and merchandising techniques. The experience and knowledge gained could contribute to the professionalism of Hungarian wine making methods, participants have great chance to get employed or start their own businesses.

Application - Grapes Beyond Borders

4 month professional training in French wineries.

Deadline for application is 30th of July.

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Written on 21/10/2015, 06:22 by admin
In September, 2015 InVeris Foundation implemented a vocational training project in Burgundy, France, providing a 3 weeks vocational training opportunity to 6 hungarian students from Villány wine region....